Vision, Mission and Values


Rehabilitation Services will be one of the best rehabilitation services agencies in Hong Kong. This relies on the wholehearted contribution of every staff to people with intellectual disabilities to fulfill their needs and improve their quality of living.


We endeavor to provide people with intellectual disabilities with integrated services to strengthen their abilities in all aspects so that they can live independently with dignity in the community.

We share the same values with the settlement and at the same time we have the following beliefs:


To people

We believe people, regardless of their intellectual abilities, are valuable assets to the society, they have their own talents, values and experiences; they have the rights to be respected, and to lead a quality life including satisfying their own physical, emotional and material needs. They should also possess rights to be self-determined, to have their own preferences, to build relationship with others and to enjoy social life.

Staff with competence, creativity and enthusiasms is our important assets. We are concerned with the living quality of our staff. We endeavor to cultivate a continuous learning culture among staff and support their personal and professional development according to their abilities. We encourage staff to explore new ideas and to investigate and develop creative ways to work.


To services

We believe integrated service enables users to receive services rapidly and responsively without bounded by different service disciplines. We maintain a close relationship with users and their families’ so as to ensure their preference and choice of service are fully respected. We keep cooperating with government departments, service providers and strategic partners to make sure all service users can receive holistic and reliable services.

To quality

Service quality is our utmost goal that we strive to achieve by a most cost- effective way. We keep improving our management system to enhance its efficiency and effectiveness. Our decisions are based on users’ needs and supported by evidence. We shall explore new resources and create revenue to fulfill our future service development.