Development Milestone

Development Milestone


Implement the “LOHAS. Relieve Pain - Carers Body Pain and Holistic Wellness Project” and the “The Jockey Club Sleep Well Project”


WE NET Club District Support Centre (Eastern) moved into North Point Welfare Facilities Block


Established Dawn Residence
Established WE NET Club District Support Centre (Wanchai). The original “WE NET Club District Support Centre” was renamed to WE NET Club District Support Centre (Eastern)
Implement the “Jockey Club C • Care Programme - St James’ Settlement Care with Love Support Service” and “Wellness Pro”
St. James' Creation organized community arts project “Our Stories-- Memories in Clay” which received the “Award for Arts Promotion” at the 15th Hong Kong Arts Development Awards by The Hong Kong Arts Development Council


Established (M:) Drive ~ Mobile Van for Publicity Service on Mental Wellness) and Blissful Residence; Cheerful Residence & Delightful Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centre


Established Greenery Residence & Greenery Integrated Service Team and self-financing Joyful Residence (Elderly home for People with Intellectual Disabilities) to take care of the elderly people with disabilities


Jockey Club Upcycling Centre won the “Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare - Gold Award ” awarded by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Ceramic and textile art service expanded, St. James’ Creation was established to enable more member to participate


Jockey Club Upcycling Centre established as the first one-stop eco-creative hub in HK to promote the use of industrial and commercial waste, and cooperate with designers to design and produce environmentally friendly products to promote environmental education


Wan Chai Integrated Service Team retitled to Jockey Club Wan Chai Integrated Service Team. The workshop expanded and retitled to Jockey Club Endeavour Workshop + Albert Wu Rainbow Workshop


Artspiration Academy; Wan Chai Integrated Service Team and Workshop moved in to Jockey Club Social Services Building


WE NET Club - District Support Centre moved in a new spot at Wan Chai Market ground floor


Re-structure home training service, WE NET Club - District Support Centre was established


Obtained the "Dance Year Award 2006" presented by the Hong Kong Dance Federation


Sponsored by the Social Welfare Department to implement the " Artspiration Art Development Project" to provide art training for the rehabilitation and established Artspiration Academy continued to promote artistic development opportunities for people with disability


「守護天使」established to provide services for individual care and day care during holidays


Implement a comprehensive service plan, implement a case management model, and change the name of each activity centre and comprehensive development centre to the comprehensive service team at the same time, reflecting the importance of the diversified development of members


The first social enterprise, Mustard Seed Services Limited established in the organisation


Started the self-financing Life Forward - Person-Centred Service


Established Parkside Residence and Parkside Integrated Service Team


Established first hostel with day activity centre, Sunny Residence and Sunny Integrated Service Team. Dance Heart Troupe established in the same year


Established rehabilitation service hotline for the intellectual disabilities, ceramic workshop was established in the same year


Implemented adult education course


The first implementation of the life quality improvement plan for adults with intellectual disabilities in Hong Kong


Established 「雅各軒」to provide retail service training for the rehabilitation. 「會員家屬聯會」established in the same year


Established "Supported Employment Service"


「St. James' Settlement Happy Valley Day Activity Centre」put into service


Established 「家居訓練服務」and hosted the first dance competition for the intellectual disabilities in Hong Kong


Established Social Recreation Centre


Set up the first mobile cleaning and waxing team by the people with disability


Rehabilitation Services established and Wan Chai Day Activity Training Centre was in service


Established the first sheltered workshop in Hong Kong to provide services for people with disability (mainly for intellectual disability)
「志群組」and 「樂群組」were established, the two services already have the prototype of the current day activity center and social recreation center, and provided support to parents when the services were insufficient at that time