(M:) Drive ~ Mobile Van for Publicity Service on Mental Wellness

(M:) Drive ~ Mobile Van for Publicity Service on Mental Wellness

13/F,100 Kennedy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


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We believe that gathering mental wealth will help deal with emotional challenges in daily lives. ‘(M:) Drive’ hopes to pursue mental wealth with the general public. Togethers, let’s explore useful tips and community resources on mental health


Nature of Service

  • Exhibitions and experiential activities in different places

  • Collaboration with other service units or sectors on the promotion of mental wellness

  • On-site counselling, mental health assessment, and short-term intervention


Service Region

  • Hong Kong Island – Central & Western District, Southern District, Eastern District and Wan Chai District
  • Islands District


Target Service Users

  • The general public
  • Specific target groups (such as students, helping professionals, elderly, etc.)
  • People having mental health needs


Entry and Exit of Service Users

  • The public is welcome to attend our activities and programmes freely
  • Mental health assessments and short-term social work intervention will be available when needed
  • The case will be closed upon stable condition of the user or successful referrals. The user could also withdraw from the service at any time


Service Hour

For the latest service hour and details, please visit (M:) Drive Facebook. (Click here)