Jockey Club Upcycling Centre

Jockey Club Upcycling Centre

6/F, St. James' Settlement, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai, Hong Kong


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Service Mission and Goal

  • The first one-stop eco-creative hub in HK collaborated by designers, members and corporates
  • Provide diversified work opportunities and experiences for people with disability, and promote social inclusion


Service Highlights

  • Encourage companies and organizations to donate discarded or surplus materials, remodel them by local young designers, and make good use of the characteristics of such materials
  • To provide appropriate training for the people with disability in the workshop
  • Organize guided tours, educational workshops and exhibitions to let the public understand upcycling concept, thereby raising awareness of environmental protection and encouraging them to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle

How to Upcycle?

Corporates Donation

Sales and marketing of upcycling products also builds a positive brand image to enterprises involved. Corporate Social responsibility is elevated from merely as a form of funding to love and care for the society by reducing wastage and introducing more people with disabilities to social inclusion


Public Interaction

Besides opening our design studio and production house to public, Upcycling Centre also provides outreach educational service to schools, elderly care centre, child and youth service centre, integrated family service centre etc. Workshops and pop up stores serve as a platform for the public to be engaged in upcycling process and waste reduction as well as social inclusion for people with disabilities

Members Capability

The involvement of people with disabilities brings “Upcycling” a true upthrust. It means much more than just job vacancies for social inclusion. They bring new life to recycled materials by showing their abilities and in turn re-position themselves as contributors to the society

Designers Creativity

Upcycling Centre cultivates a new concept of design. Throughout the design process, our designers work with the people with disabilities closely – not only on production but also collect their feedback and suggestions, so that the final products reveal talents and creativity of people with disabilities


Service Hour

Monday to Saturday 9:00am-5:30pm
(except public holidays)