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What is Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy or Physical Therapy is a therapeutic approach making use of physical means. Provide appropriate treatment and training in individual or group treatment methods to restore the physical function of the handicapped, improve daily life or work ability, and improve the quality of life


Service Goal

Provide support services for rehabilitation services, service users can reduce the discomfort and pain caused by physical disabilities, restore the patients’ proper functions, and provide preventive training through consultation and direct services. At the same time, the existing functions of the body are maximized to enhance the self-care ability and independence of service users


Service Highlights

  • Physical fitness assessment and training
    Evaluate members’ posture, balance, gait, physical fitness, etc., and provide appropriate training to meet the needs of daily life
  • Mobility aid assessment and training
    Assess the needs of members to use mobility aids, and train members to use mobility aids to improve walking ability
  • Chest physiotherapy
    Maintain respiratory hygiene and improve cardiopulmonary function through breathing training, sputum excretion techniques, exercise therapy and etc.


  • Bone joint system physical therapy
    Use physical therapy equipment, manual therapy, exercise therapy, etc. to relieve pain and improve mobility. It also provides rehabilitation and recovery functions after trauma
  • Neurological Physiotherapy
    Provide comprehensive rehabilitation treatment for patients, so as to boost the recovery of physical functions of the patients and enhance their capability of semi-independent living


Target Group

The members who need the physiotherapy service in day time activity centre; hostel and district support centre



For day time activity centre; hostel and district support centre, referrals can be made by case manager of rehabilitation service units or nurse and the services will be provided within 2 weeks



The member withdrew from the current service, or the member’s progress is stable, and there are no further physiotherapy services required