Delightful Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centre

Delightful Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services Centre

G/F, On Tai Estate Ancillary Facilities Block, 23 On Sau Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong


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Service Mission and Goal

  • Vocational training and participation in production work, so that the people with disability who cannot find job in the open market can develop their social and economic potential
  • Improve personal working ability and expect to have the opportunity to assistance in or work at open market
  • Provide job descriptions, interview skills practice, training, employment support, etc. for the people with disability who are interested in finding job in the open market and to assist them in adapting to work in the job market
  • Assist the people with disability to develop their work talents, open up employment opportunities, and help them integrate into society
  • By providing allowances or wage subsidies, employers are encouraged to provide trainees or probationary opportunities for people with disabilities and to understand their work abilities


Service Highlights


  • Develop good work habits
  • Provide allowance-generating work skills training
  • Provide activities to meet personal development and social needs
  • Production and training content includes
    1. Upcycling various types of environmentally friendly products
    2. Bakery products food making*
    3. Product packaging and letter handling, etc.

*Food Factory Licence/Permit No: 2951813560
Shop Sign & Address: St. James’Settlement – Portion of G/F (Portion A), On Tai Estate Ancillary Facilities Block, 23 On Sau Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Supported Employment

1. Vocational skills training and on-the-job guidance

  • Arrange job placement, such as job analysis and job matching
  • Provide support services including employment-related skills training, on-the-job coaching and supervision, job-related guidance and advice to the people with disability, their family members and the employers
  • Provide diversified vocational skills training
  • Provide allowance-generating work skills training
  • Provide post-employment support to help adapt to the job

2. Job Attachment

  • The service operators will arrange job attachment for each member. During the job attachment period, which is not more than three months, the members who can fulfill the required attendance will have the job attachment allowance. There is no employer-employee relationship between members and organisations that provide job attachment opportunities
  • After completing the job attachment, the members will be assisted to find suitable job or job trial in the open market

3. Job Trial

  • The employers can try out work abilities of the members through job trial. During the job trial period, the employers will receive a wage subsidy equal to 50% of the actual wage paid to the members or the supplement limit of the Social Welfare Department, whichever is the lower, for a maximum period of six months
  • The members under job trial should enjoy the status of employees and are entitled to the normal employment benefits as defined under the legal requirement

4. Post-placement Service

  • No less than 12 months of post-placement service is provided to the members to help them settle in employment


Target Group

  • Aged 15 or above, the people with disability who need vocational training or support for employment in the open market



  • Daytime workshop: 105
  • Supported employment service: 25



  • Workshop: You must apply through school social workers, medical social workers, family services or rehabilitation service units via the Central Referral System of Rehabilitation Services, Social Welfare Department
  • Supported employment service: Can approach the service unit directly or referral can be made to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services, Social Welfare Department


Service Hour

Monday to Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm
(except public holidays)



  • The service may be skipped if the members remains to be gainfully employed after the 6-month Post-placement and carry out follow-up services
  • If the member has attended the programme for over 12 months and still cannot find a suitable job, you must undergo an assessment to confirm that you continue to accept the service or refer to another service
  • Members and/or their family members can withdraw from the service at any time. Due to the changes of member’s personal circumstances or needs, and no longer meet the relevant service requirement, the service unit will assist in providing appropriate referrals