Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

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What is Occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is to help patients to prevent, reduce or overcome disabilities through meaningful activities and treatments. Occupational therapists will meet their various needs in life, assist them to return to family, work and community life, so that they have an independent and meaningful life



Through a variety of treatment activities, individual or group treatment methods are used to address the unique needs of the handicapped, and improve the skills, attitudes and habits required for daily life, social interaction, work and leisure; equipped with appropriate assistive devices and environmental equipment to improve their independent living ability and quality of life


Service Highlights

  • Professional assessment
    Such as muscle energy assessment, daily activities assessment, sensory integration assessment, pre-employment skills assessment, independent living skills assessment and home operation assessment and etc.
  • Treatment team
    Such as community and home life skills, cognitive training groups and etc.
  • Work training
    Such as process analysis, work skills, work behavior, process and work environment design and etc.
  • Living environment counseling service
    Suggestions such as passage design, interior decoration, auxiliary equipment and etc.
  • Physical training
    Such as perception of muscle energy, coordination, sensory integration therapy and sensory function stimulation methods and etc.
  • Self-care training
    Such as eating, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene and saliva problems, etc.
  • Rehabilitation equipment design
    Such as hand rests, training chairs, teaching aids, rehabilitation equipment modification and etc.


Target Group

Members who need occupational therapy services in day activity centre, hostel, sheltered workshops and district support centre



For day time activity centre; hostel and district support centre, referrals can be made by case manager of rehabilitation service units or nurse and the services will be provided within 2 weeks



The member withdrew from the current service, or the member’s progress is stable, and there are no further occupational therapy services required