LOHAS. Relieve Pain - Carers Body Pain and Holistic Wellness Project

LOHAS. Relieve Pain - Carers Body Pain and Holistic Wellness Project

Flat 2D, 2/F, Garage Society, Beverly House, Lockhart Rd 93, Wan Chai


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  • Personalized assessments, treatment plan and case management of the carer’s bodily pains, physical fitness, and mental health condition by adopting exercise-based therapies and traditional Chinese medicine(TCM)

  • Online and in-person exercise-based therapy, including aerobic / physical fitness exercises, stretching / Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE), creative sports, traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) health care exercise, and etc.

  • Online and in-person self-help body-mind-spirit workshops for increasing carers’ skills and knowledge of emotion management and body pain

  • Peer counselling network for carers, and professional counselling and traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) intervention for those with serious disturbance


Service region

Hong Kong


Target Service Users

High-risk caregivers and hidden caregivers who face emotional distress and bodily pain



To register for the service through the contact methods mentioned above, a staff member will assess your service needs.



  • After receiving the service, if the assessment indicates improvement in your pain or emotional health, the follow-up will be discontinued. Or Self-withdrawal
  • If further services are required, you will be referred to appropriate social services for arrangement.


Service Hour

Monday to Saturday 9:30am-5:30pm(except public holidays)

Provide/reserve services on weekday evenings as needed