Parkside Residence

Parkside Residence

5/F, Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, 2 High Street, Hong Kong


2549 8770


3104 3623


Service Mission and Goal

Provides home-style residential services for people with disabilities who need care in daily life and nursing care


Type of Residential Service

  • Hostel provides home living for people with severe intellectual disabilities who are capable of basic self-care and require assistance in personal and nursing care
  • Supported Hostel provides group home living for people with disabilities who can only live semi-independently
  • Residential Respite Service provides family members/carers of people with disabilities with a planned short break so that they may attend to their personal business


Service Highlights

  • Develop personal service plans according to individual needs
  • Provide training and activities to enhance personal abilities, for example: self-care ability, domestic living skills, community living skills, simple vocational skills training, social and interpersonal relationship building, etc.
  • Provide personal care, health and nursing care, meals, etc.
  • Provide 24-hour accommodation and visiting medical practitioner service
  • Provide counselling, family support and referral services for appropriate welfare services, such as clinical psychological services, occupational therapy and physiotherapy, etc.



Target Group

  • People with moderate / severe intellectual disabilities who are aged 15 or above
  • (Supported Hostel) capable of semi-independent living, actively occupied in various forms of employment or day training
  • Physically and mentally suitable for group living with no active infectious disease
  • Not bed-ridden or requiring infirmary care
  • Without severe aggressive behaviour endangering self and others



  • Hostel: 50
  • Supported Hostel: 7
  • Residential Respite Service: 2



  • For day activity centre; hostel and supported hostel, referrals can be made by social workers and staff of rehabilitation service units to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department. After admission, you will become the member of the unit
  • Residential Respite Service
    Application can be made by parents/carers themselves directly or via social workers of medical social service. Applicants should complete a Declaration Form on Health Conditions for Admission to Residential Respite Service and the service unit may further request for medical examination as necessary


Service Hour

Year-round, 24 hours service



Members and/or their family members can withdraw from the service at any time. Due to the changes of member’s personal circumstances or needs, the service unit will assist in providing appropriate referrals