Joyful Residence - Elderly home for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Joyful Residence - Elderly home for People with Intellectual Disabilities

3/F, Li Chit Garden, 1 Li Chit Street, Wanchai, Hong Kong


2117 5930


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Joyful Residence is a self-financing elderly home for people with moderate intellectual disabilities, especially designed for those have basic self-care skill and currently waiting for government-subsidized places to provide them a quality provisional accommodation service. The hostel has been licensed by the Social Welfare Department for Residential Care Homes (People with Disabilities)


Service Mission and Goal

Joyful Residence adopt a “people-oriented” service approach, strive to provide high-quality semi-independent home-style accommodation services for the elderly with intellectual disabilities. At the same time, it relieves the pressure of the applicant’s family members in caring and the urgency of living in government-subsidized places

  • Provide a comfortable, clean and safe living environment for the member
  • In response to the needs of the members, design a personal life plan to enhance their ability in participation and selection
  • Provide different channels to promote mutual connection between members and community, so as to achieve social inclusion


Service Highlights

  • Provide 24-hour accommodation and basic nursing services
  • Provide a balanced meal for breakfast and dinner
  • Develop personal service plans and appropriate health care according to the needs of individual member
  • Provide suitable leisure activities, small groups and individual
  • Counseling in response to the member’s physical and mental needs and pace of life


Target Group

People with intellectual disabilities who meet below requirements

  • Currently waiting for government-subsidized places for people with moderate intellectual disabilities or supported hostel
  • Family members have difficulties in providing accommodation or care
  • Physically and mentally suitable for group living
  • Over 60 years old or 50-59 years old but with other special circumstances and those who need services after assessment
  • Actively occupied in or being arranged and subsidized by Social Welfare Department for the admission to day placement

* Living in Wanchai district and the applicant who accept the day placement will be priority considerated






  • Applicants and their families can apply directly from the hostel
  • Referred by the day service unit funded by the Social Welfare Department

* After receiving the application, the applicant and family members will be interviewed as soon as possible. Through interviews and assessments to assess whether the applicant meets the admission criteria. Applicants who are initially eligible must pass a physical examination procedure to ensure that their physical condition is suitable for living in the hostel before they accept the service


Service Hour

Year-round, 24 hours service



If the member has the following situations, we will arrange to withdraw from the service, and the hostel will strive to assist in follow-up or referral

  • Member received the Government-funded places
  • Member does not get any day service arrangement
  • Member is unable to adapt to the changes in residential life or physical condition/degree of care, the hostel has the right to terminate the provision of services
  • Due to personal needs, member or their family members can apply for withdrawal in writing one month before the withdrawal