Life Forward ~ Person-Centered Service

Life Forward ~ Person-Centered Service

6/F, St. James' Settlement, 85 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai, Hong Kong


6438 2788


Service Goal

Through a “people-oriented” approach to design the “personal service plan”, so that the service users

  • Widen its support network in the community
  • Increase life experience, focusing on connecting diversified community resources and services
  • Develop personal interests and make good use of leisure time to improve the quality of life
  • Exert personal strengths, abilities and preferences, to support them in choice making


Guideline for the Application Procedures

  • Service submission: Complete the application form, applicants who have successfully registered, unit staff will acknowledge receipt within 14 working days and get a preliminary understanding
  • Conduct visits/interviews and assessments: When there are service vacancies, unit staff will contact the applicants in accordance with the relative priority of the applications. Through the contact of the applicants, we can get an update of their needs, so as to assess the suitability of the service
  • Service agreement: If the application is accepted, sign the service agreement
  • Personal service planning meeting: Compile and review personal service plans


Service Highlights

1. Meeting

Assist service users to invite their family, friends, or professionals to attend the personal service plan meeting to jointly explore their personal wishes, dreams, and interests to design a “personal service plan”

2. Implement personal service plans

Specialized staff will assist to the service users to implement the personal service plans

3. Regular review and revision personal service plan

  • Contact with family: Dedicated staff contact family members/carers regularly to understand the status and service progress of the service users
  • Plan progress report: The plan progress report is distributed every six months, so that service users and their families can keep track of the plan progress


Target Group

  • Aged 12 or above with intellectual disablities
  • Hong Kong permanent residents


Service Fee

  • HK$120/ hour (Service charges will be adjusted annually)
  • Minimum usage is 5 hours in a week
  • Basic duration is at least 6 months


Service Hour

Monday to Saturday 9:00am to 6:00pm
(Except Sunday and public holidays)